5 Things To Avoid For Amazing Skin

We spend a lot of money on anti-aging creams, cleansers, lotions, makeup and other products to make our skin look amazing. Yet, often we don’t think about preventing certain things that make our skin have bad effects in the first place. Your skin’s health is greatly affected by the inner layer of skin, called the dermis, as opposed to the outer layer of skin. Even wrinkles are caused by what is happening inside the inner layers of skin. Here are five things you want to avoid if you want to keep your skin youthful as long as possible:

1. Harmful rays from the sun. This is a no brainer. Always wear sunscreen when outdoors, but try to wear protective clothing to shield your body from the sun too. Sunscreens only protect from UV light, but most of sunlight is made up of infrared and visible spectrum which can go through your skin and sunscreen easily and create free radicals that cause aging. So keep those sunglasses handy! You can also fight against sunlight’s damage by eating healthy. Choose foods that have skin-saving antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, yellow or orange vegetables, blueberries, blackberries or antioxidant supplements.

2. Toxins. Toxins are all around us in this day and age. Avoid smoking or being around second hand smoke, drink filtered water, choose organic foods and natural cleaning solutions and try to avoid any pollution in your city. You can also do a detox to rid your body of some of these toxins you naturally pick up in daily life.

3. Avoid sugars and starches in your diet. Glucose molecules, found in sugar and starchy foods can actually attach themselves to collagen and cause them to collapse! So when you eat processed and junk foods, you are causing your skin to wrinkle faster.

4. Stress. Chronic stress is devastating to your health and also gives you accelerated aging. If you are under chronic stress and find it damaging to your health and skin, do what you can to take a step back and practice yoga, breathing exercises, meditation or another method you find helpful.

5. Excessive alcohol consumption. Heavy drinkers, beware, this causes your skin to age much faster. Alcohol is a toxin that dehydrates our skin cells. Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine, but the more you drink, the faster your skin will age, simple as that.

Did you know these were all things to avoid for healthy skin?

Simple Beauty Tricks to Look Flawless

Have you ever wanted your own makeup artist or wanted to look like the flawless models on runways? Here are some simple tricks makeup artists use to make models look amazing. So go with your natural beauty and these tips and you’ll be amazed at what you see in the mirror. But always remember how much makeup and re-touching these models get and how they give unrealistic expectations of beauty. These are just simple tricks to add to your makeup routine.

1. Cleanse your face really well… twice if you have to. Leftover makeup, dirt or oil can really mess up your new makeup look.

2. Massage your face with your favorite moisturizer. Massage the moisturizer in your face or your makeup may just slide right off if you only lightly put it on or don’t rub it in enough.

3. Remove dead skin cells from your lips by using sugar scrub or buffing with a dry toothbrush. Then use plenty of lip balm to keep them moisturized.

4. Experiment with multiple foundations and concealers. Everyone has a slightly different skin color and dark circles, acne or other spots can come into play. Use color correcting foundations and concealers and experiment with different shades until you find one that blends perfectly with your skin tone. Just be sure not to use too much or your makeup can appear heavy or cakey.

5. If you get any eye goop from your makeup, use a cotton swab to remove it, not your fingers, as this could mess up your makeup perfection.

6. If you are sick or constantly blowing your nose, use this trick to keep your makeup intact. Stick the tissue directly up the nostrils, lightly blow and remove with no wiping.

7. If you want an extra glow, use lip balm. Use it on eyelids, cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the top of your lips for that amazing shine.

Lastly, remember that models are constantly being touched up with makeup and there are many other tricks makeup artists use to make their models look flawless. Don’t compare yourself to these models because the comparison is unfair with all the secrets they’re hiding. You’re beautiful just the way you are!